Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trophy Cupcakes

We went to Seattle over the weekend for a birthday party. While we were there my friend and I were talking cupcakes. She had mentioned Trophy Cupcakes to me before, but I had never actually gone to check it out. This time when she suggested I try them something clicked in my head and I remembered reading that Trophy Cupcakes had been featured on Martha Stewart. We decided to stop there on the way home from the kids' party. (And when I say 'we decided' I really mean I told Jay that we had to stop there 'as research for my blog'. And he totally fell for it. Awesome! Oh, Hi Honey. Didn't see you there. Um, don't mind me. I'll just, uh, get back to my story now.)

The kids were tired at this point so I jumped out of the car to make a quick dash for some cupcakes. Trophy Cupcakes is located on the top floor of the cutest little 'mini-mall' ever. It's in a renovated schoolhouse, and it looks like a shop out of a child's dream. It was so cute that I felt like a mean ole mom not letting my kids experience it for themselves. So, back out to the car I went to get everyone! We let them pick their own cupcakes and some flotsam to go on top. They both picked Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream which surprised me. There was a beautiful purple frosted cupcake, glittering with purple sugar and sporting an adorable little ballerina on top. I was really surprised that Lia was so adamant about getting the (somewhat plainer) chocolate one!

The cupcakes were delicious! Light, fluffy and so flavorful, and the frosting was to die for. (Yes, I'm a little obsessed with frosting right now.) I ordered a Red Velvet one to see what all the fuss is over. I had wondered if I was missing something, maybe the red velvet cakes I'd had in the past were faulty or something. I just don't get the slavish attraction to red velvet and I'm a little freaked out by all the food coloring. It tasted fine, but personally I'd rather have regular chocolate! The bite I had of Lia's (when she was all done) was wooooooonderful!

So, if you're in Seattle (Wallingford District) you must stop by! $3 per cupcake and I think $3 for a mocha, plus there is some really fun stuff in their gift shop!


Carol said...

Next time we come for a visit, you have to take me there! I'll just stand and drool, and beg for a bite of yours! lol

Jennie said...

You can drool and SNIFF. It smells AMAZING!!! And no worries, R&A never eat all of any baked good. (Little weirdos) So you can taste two different cupcakes :)