Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin!

This blogging thing sorta blows when you can't post pictures. Which is why I missed out on my first Baking Beauties challenge last week. And I haven't made another Iron Cupcake, the one I was particularly excited to make!!! Or tried making mozzarella. Or about 100 other things I've been dying to make! Seems pointless when I can't take any stinkin' pictures!

But, fear not, my camera will be arriving today! I feel the need to bake cupcakes and tie up balloons announcing her arrival! I'm dying here! It seems like every 5 minutes the kids do something cute, or I think about starting a project, or I bake something and reach for the camera. . . . and it doesn't work! It's been making me crazy! So, don't be too surprised if you get a 'day in the life of' soon, I cannot wait to play with my new toy!

I think this has cured me of balking at overnight shipping charges. On something important anyway! I checked the tracking number today and saw that my camera had arrived in town at 4:30am and was out for delivery. Which I expect means it will show up around 5pm. This town is not very big, but I think our area of town is the last that UPS makes deliveries to. Grrrr. I wish I could have just gone down to the UPS store and picked her up! I could be taking pictures right now!!!

So, to hold you over until tomorrow, here is a picture of our Jillian! I realized she has yet to be featured here. She's four months old and the sweetest little baby there ever was!


Carol said...

Aaah, she's adorable! And you heard it here from me, I'm the first one to comment on her!!

Megan said...

I would love to see A day in the life of...! Have a great day with that new camara and tell the kids to redo all those cute things for the camara. :) Precious Baby!