Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lind Combine Derby = Redneck Heaven

Yesterday was the 22nd Annual Combine Derby in Lind, Washington. It is Reese's single most favorite day of the year! Better than his birthday, better than Christmas. We went last summer and he was still talking about it in the fall, later at Christmas, in fact, he hasn't stopped talking about it at all! Wanna start your own derby? Here's whatcha gotta do. You get a bunch of rednecks with no sense of self-preservation, some old combines that have been put out to pasture, a big dirt arena all fenced in with barricades, and beer. I'm thinking lots and lots of beer. Seriously, these cowboys saddle up and proceed to ram the crud out of every other guy in the pen. And people (yes, me included) go completely crazy!

By the way, the shark combine? He won this year :) Reese was SO happy! The shark, Jaws, is his favorite. There was a 'Frank' competing this year. (You know, from Cars? The big combine that chases Mater and Lightning McQueen after they go tractor tipping?) I really thought Reese would go crazy over the 'Frank', but no, he sticks with the classics!

These pictures are of last year's derby. Man, I miss my camera!!! Good news though, we bought a new one and it's on its way! Woo hoo! In fact, it is in New Jersey and should be here Friday. Of course, now I'm kicking myself for not paying through the nose to have it shipped quicker. Oh well. Anyway, here's Amelia last year. Isn't she the cutest???

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