Monday, June 8, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

I've been wanting to participate in the Metamorphosis Mondays at Between Naps on the Porch for a while now. Of course it would be that today I have a ton to do! So this has to be a quick post.

When we moved here (going on three years) we were planning on buying a house right away. So I didn't do much with the kids rooms other than put their furniture in there! And during the two+ years I held myself back because we still planned to move soon and it didn't seem worth it.

A couple days ago I walked into Amelia's room and all of the sudden, I'd had enough waiting. I decided to try and do something in her room, and just try to keep it very, very, very low cost.

Then the other day I went to the dollar store to pick up some cheap boxes for shipping some things. While I was walking to the checkout I passed some 'wallies'. Wallies are removable wall art that adheres to the wall like a sticker, but you can rearrange it or take it down easily without damaging the walls. The one on front that caught my eye was this set of tall flowers in exactly the colors of Amelia's room! It was SO cute! Usually when I see wallies they just aren't quiiiiiite right. These were perfect. So I started pawing through them when I came across ROBOTS! In the colors of Reese's room! And matching alphabet letters for both rooms! I sort of went nuts in that aisle. I must have gone through all of them (probably 50 varieties!) making sure I didn't miss a hidden gem. All total I bought 12.

I couldn't wait to put them up, but it was bedtime when I got home. Reese was THRILLED with his robots and went right to sleep after I promised to put them up first thing in the morning. Well, second thing. Coffee is always first thing.

Here is his bed, before. . . . . .

And here is after! He was SO EXCITED that I couldn't get him out of the bed long enough to take a picture! He spent the rest of the day making up stories about his robots. Cute, huh! $2 total! Woo hoo!

My mom came to stay with us when Jillian was born and since we were planning to get Amelia a new bed and I didn't want my mom sleeping on an air mattress for several weeks, we bought the twin mattress. Jay decided he wanted to build the headboard and frame himself. Well, with work, school, and a new baby around it just hasn't happened.

Amelia's room is the one that makes me the most insane. I can't do much about the toys in there until the bed is in. (I'm planning on doing under-the-bed toy organization.) So it's the crib, the mattress, a dresser, and a crap-ton of toys. Bleuch. It's a mess. So I'm only showing you the tiniest bit. Hopefully, soon I will be able to show you the rest! *fingers crossed*

TADA! Cute, huh!!! I love it, she loves it, we all love it! My kids are crazy about ladybugs and there are a whole bunch in here, they loved finding and counting them all!

Faux headboard for $2! Can't beat that! When Jay finally gets her headboard done I'll just move them somewhere else.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other metamorphoses (plural = metamorphoSES, right? Oh well.) here.

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