Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Little Fun at Grandma's House!

Hello bloggy friends! After a 13 hour car trip the other day the kids and I made it to Utah and are now hanging out at Grandma's house, fun! I need to take some more pictures to show you just why they love coming here so much, my dad is a big kid! Plus they get to play with their aunt and uncle and, of course, there are Grandma and Grandpa themselves. Who doesn't love someone who gives you candy and then asks, 'did you eat any breakfast?'

This picture was taken at the drive thru window at a McDonald's on the way down to Utah. Sorry it's blurry, I didn't want to get 'caught' taking the picture. Hold on, I'll give you a second to let it sink in. . . . .

I don't know what the heck 'tatar sauce' is and that seems like a steal for mayo, but, um, SOCKS??? Who is buying socks at McDonald's???

This is a 2 minute video of Jilly's first solid food experience. I had intended to let her taste the cupcakes I made the day she turned 6 months old (I know, bad mommy) but it just didn't end up happening. Anywho, I just love watching babies' first experiences with food, they are always so expressive!

These last two are at a friend's garden that we raided for green beans. We made my mom's favorite 'french fries' out of them and I think we need to make Tyler Florence's green bean casserole with the rest. It's outstanding!

A little green bean pickin' fun!

Holy Smokes! The Great Pumpkin has come early this year!

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