Monday, August 17, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

When we moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago I kinda expected to be moving out again in about a year. So I didn't really put any effort into Amelia's room. Even when I found out we were going to be having another girl I didn't really do anything to her room. And geez, isn't half the point of having a girl-child getting to decorate a little girl's room? (Just kidding! Sorta.) After having my son, I quickly realized that the little girl's room of my dreams is not going to be an option. Sort of a Shabby Chic meets Cinderella and a bottle of Pepto. But no, white furniture and linens and long flowing pink drapes are just not going to survive a 3 year old. I still don't want to spend much money on this room because I have high hopes of moving out of this house still. But in the meantime, I would like it to look like a little girl lives in it!

The above picture shows just how sad the girls' room was/is. Just a hodge-podge of stuff thrown together. Sad. It's slooooooowly getting better, any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated! I bought a cute polka dot sheet set and I'm using the colors from that for the room. Light pink, a darker pink, purple, aqua, yellow and lime green. Think cheap, easy and transient! My hubby is making Amelia a bed and my mom is thinking about making her a quilt.

So, here is my 4 dollar 'makeover'. $1 for the wallies and $1 each for the colored tissue paper. Well, plus a little for the ribbon, it was some I had leftover from another project.

I made the giant pom poms from this tutorial of Martha's. They were incredibly easy and Jillian loooooves looking at them, better than a mobile!

Woops, I put up the wallies before I hung the pom poms.

There, that's a little better! I'd like the wallies a little lower, but they are out of the reach of little hands. I had Lia try to get them and they are juuuuust out of reach.

Now scoot on over to Between Naps on the Porch and see all the other metamorphoses! (I absolutely love looking at all the before and afters!)


Joanie said...

So adorable!! I love those giant pom poms and wallies! Isn't it amazing how such a little change can make such a big difference. Your food photos look scrumptious, too! Great blog!

ImagineCozy said...

Perfect for baby eyes! And it so adds to the decor in the room. Fun addition.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

How adorable! Love the pom poms! Keep an eye on the wallies, you'll be moving them up before you know it! They grow so fast!


Anny said...

WOW those are so cute!

beachy keen girl said...

I love the pom poms!!!! Super cute! Now I need to find something to make them for :)

Blue Creek Home said...

It looks to me like you have a great start on your little girl update. The pom poms are the cutest!

Really Rainey said...

That is SO darn cute! Great idea! My granddaughter is sitting on my lap right now and she wants to go make some of those!

Rainey and Mady

claudie said...

i loved your snail party! Good old Martha projects.
You sure love to cook. Good for you. Have fun with your beautiful children Jennie, they grow up sooooo fast. Mine are 20, 18, 16 now.
Sorry to say I'm not a good cook. You make it look so easy.
Happy MM
Love Claudie

Cheri Peoples said...

Those look good. I saw those on one of my followers blogs. I made all my daughters (now 2) beding, curtains etc for her nursery and then added on to her bedding to make it into her big girl bedspread.
This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come for a visit. I am going to become a follower and add you to my blog list and hope you do the same.
Its So Very Cheri

Jennie said...

Beachy Keen Girl - I think they'd be cool Christmas decorations :) When you make them you can trim the edges to make them more spiky or more rounded, like snowballs!

Rainey and Mady - I hope you make some, they are SO easy!

Claudie - Ah! Three teenagers! I have that to look forward to someday. Yikes!

Cheri - I've had you in my Google Reader for some time, I'll have to go over and be an official follower ;) I'm honored to be added to your blog list! Thank you!

Thank you all for your kind comments! They made my day!