Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movin’ On

I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago and thought I had posted it. Apparently it didn’t take. So I’ll post it today to kinda get you up to speed with what’s been going on in the Tuffet household!


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. You could say life-altering. Wow. A bit over two weeks ago we decided to cut our losses here in Moses Lake and move to New England. The company Jay has been working for has had lay-off after lay-off this past year and a half, and while Jay has always made it through, it’s been overwhelmingly stressful. Jay’s family all lives in New Hampshire, so we decided to move there and start over.

But first we had visitors! Lots and lots of visitors! Practically everyone I know descended on us to spend a last few days and say good bye. It was great! Really, really sad, but I couldn’t have been happier that everyone came. (I love you guys!)

Then we had a garage sale. Wow!!! I had been dreading it with every fiber of my being, but it turned out to be a TON of fun and we made a huge wad of cash in the process. It was all due to my gorgeous, wonderful, talented sister-in-law, Akvile! She was absolutely amazing. I woke her up at the crack of dawn and she cheerfully helped me lug everything outside, set it all up, and price everything. I just don’t have the nerve to ask someone for money for my old crap, so it was great to get an outside opinion. I left all the pricing in her hands and didn’t end up feeling guilty for charging people for my stuff!


Garage Sale

Thank you, Mark , for watching the kids all day! It would have been chaos if they’d been running around! 

 Peeking out

Since the garage sale I’ve been packing, packing, packing. Woops, got a little carried away!

 tada! (2)

There’s my girl!

Taking a break

Taking a break to share a sweet treat with Grandpa.

moving truck 

My parents came up to help us pack and load the moving truck. I don’t think we would have gotten it all packed in if it wasn’t for my dad, Packer Extrordinaire!!! That truck is absolutely full to bursting, you couldn’t fit another whisk on that truck! It’s FULLLLLLL!

So, we’re literally leaving today to start a week long trek across the country. I kinda can’t believe it’s really happening, it feels so surreal! My gorgeous friend Carrie planned our itinerary for us, I can’t wait to see where we are stopping ;) Thank you, April, for watching Reese (alllllllll day!!) yesterday, it was so much easier with one less child underfoot! Oh, and thank you, Dr. Loiseau, for squeezing me in yesterday to fix my broken tooth. It would break on MOVING DAY!!!

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Carol said...

It makes me sad all over again! So that's what your garage sale looked like!