Friday, October 30, 2009

Yummy Mummy in the Tummy


It’s become a running joke between Jay and I about all the cemeteries here in New England. But I’m obsessed! I love spotting some of the tiny little family cemeteries just placed randomly around. And the bigger ones all seem to have some gorgeous ironwork. Some of the headstones are just amazing. So I thought I’d post one, just in time for Halloween.

I haven’t been posting much since the cross country journey and moving in with my in-laws. Bad blogger. I apologize. And I do realize it’s the day before Halloween, but you could pick up the stuff for these today and make these with your kids tomorrow!  All you need is a pack of hot dogs and a tube of crescent rolls.


Well, that and a baking sheet, pizza cutter and some mustard.


So, unroll the dough and spread it out. (Do those cans scare the crap out of you when they pop? Gets me EVERY time!)

dough, after

Press all the seams together.

cutting strips

Use the pizza cutter to cut about 1/4” strips.

strips done

All cut up.

start wrapping

Start wrapping around a hot dog. Just press the end onto a bit of the wrapped strip to close it.


Keep wrapping. You don’t want it to look real even.

more wrapping

Use another strip to go the other direction.

make turban

Don’t forget to make a head wrapping.

Reese working

Let your kids at ‘em!

Amelia working

Look at her go! Do you like the post-nap hair? I’m thinking ‘bed-head’ isn’t her look.

all done

Hee hee hee, aren’t they cute? A few years ago I would have straightened up all the wrappings when the kids weren’t looking. But now I love seeing their handiwork and they are so proud when they get to eat their mummies!

golden brown and delicious

Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown and delicious. About 15-20 minutes.


In the meantime, feed the kids some chocolate cake to keep them happy while they’re waiting. Yep. I’m that mom!

mustard eyes

Use the mustard to dot some eyes on.

sprinkle eyes

I happened to have some black confetti sprinkles from a Halloween mix, so I put those on top of the mustard. You know how much I love my food to look back at me!

yummy mummy in the tummy

Reese’s mummies!


I want my Mummy! 


Okay, I have something I want to share, but certain people can’t see it. So if you live in the same house I do, STOP READING.









I mean it. Don’t go any further. You’ll just ruin it for yourself anyway!!!!











Okay, I think they’re gone now.













So, the other day I was passing the dollar spot at Target and saw a pack of rubber mice for $1. Somehow they just popped right into my cart. I wanted to put one in the tub of coffee beans my in laws use, but thought I’d run the prank past Jay first, just to make sure I didn’t get myself into trouble. We use whole beans that aren’t flavored, so we have our own stash of coffee beans. I put the mouse in our bag and asked Jay to brew us a pot of coffee. He found the mouse right away and wasn’t fooled at all. He was just confused and wanted to know if Peet’s was putting prizes in their coffee beans like Cracker Jacks. Nice.

He did think it was funny and thought we should put it in the in-laws coffee tub. So we did. And later when my father in law went to make some coffee pretty much the same thing happened. FAIL! Dang it! Stu, my father in law, thought it would be funny to put it in Marie’s, my mother in law, lunchbox. She wasn’t taken in either. Bummer.

This morning I came downstairs to find this. . . . .

someone got to the cake

It was in a darkened corner of the kitchen and I hadn’t had any coffee yet. So, yeah, it got me. My own mouse made me scream like a little girl. (By the way, I have an extreme, uncontrollable reaction to a live mouse. It’s embarrassing. Thought you’d like to know.)

So, it’s payback now. (even though I started it.)

       ham salad

This is some ham salad that my mother in law is fond of.

 mouse in salad

Removed a scoop and inserted mouse. (that I cleaned thoroughly first.)

what mouse

Replaced the ham salad.

             in the fridge  

And put it in a prominent location in the fridge, so someone will see it and eat it soon. I like my pranks to be discovered fairly quickly, otherwise I tend to make stupid, obvious suggestions and the prank falls flat.

Stay tuned for the reaction, lol!


Carol said...

Gotta love payback time! That's my girl! Love it! The yummy mummy's are fun. I didn't realize that there are lots of small family cemeteries around there. Interesting!

oneordinaryday said...

Oh, too funny.
My daughter is the princess of practical jokes. She made a spider at preschool a whole year ago and I find him in my bed on a VERY regular basis. She loves thinking she gets me with it. : ) Have fun!!!

Megan said...

We just made mummy dogs for a party we had at the YMCA. Kids loved them. That is so funny your own mouse got you and not anyone else. Cant wait to see the reaction to the ham salad! :)
Happy Halloween!

Simply Life said...

Oh my gosh, those are adorable photos and I love what a kid-friendly meal it is!

Karen said...

No you aren't the only one who is afraid of the cans. My kids think it is hilarious when I have to have one of them open them; balloons bug me too. Mice- no problem, snakes- no problem, things that pop and wet hairs, eeeeeek! Come help save mommy from the big, bad can of biscuits, lol.