Monday, February 22, 2010

Just a Little Peeksie

The following exchange took place as I was gathering my things for a quick trip to the grocery. . . . .

Me: Anything you need from the store?

Hubby: Huh? What? *looks up from computer* Nothing I can think of. Like what?

Me: Oh, you know, like whipped cream? *smooch* *smooch*

Hubby: Oooooh. . . .

Me: Chocolate sauce? *smooch* *smooch*

Hubby: Yeah. . . .

Me: Fruit roll ups? *smooch* *smooch*

Hubby: Wait. What? *reaches for glass of water*

Me: Well, those edible underwear are just so darn expensive, I thought we could just make some ourselves!

Hubby: *stream of water shoots out his nose and across the room* *sputtering, followed by hysterical laughter*

And since I tend not to make idle promises. . . . . .

edible underwear

You know, fruit roll ups are surprisingly easy to work with! I just cut it out with a paring knife. Ta da!!! This is going in his lunch tomorrow ;)


Carol said...

Tooo Funny!

Jen said...

You little stinker! I love this. He is going to crack up or run home looking for lovin'! I agree fruit roll-ups have so many great applications. (Don't take that the wrong way!) I love your sense of humor. I get you!

Leia said...

lol, too funny girl!