Thursday, February 4, 2010

Would You Like a Little Public Humiliation with That?

So, I had to buy a new copy of this book after my post the other day. It was one of my favorites when I was little, I especially liked the page where Grover builds a brick wall to keep you from turning the next page. The first night I read it to the kids I had about a hundred encores and was totally hoarse the next day. I’ve read it to them almost every night since then!

Well, I spotted a copy at the store (I’m visiting my mom in Utah right now.) and my mom hadn’t heard me read it, so it came home with us. In all the commotion of visiting Grandma, the book wasn’t unearthed before my little kids went to bed. We found it again as we were cleaning up and my mom begged me to read it to her, my dad, and my younger brother and sister (14 and 12 years old). So, after much begging and pleading (on my part) and blackmailing and extortion (on my mom’s part), I caved and read them the book.

After the first reading they decided they needed a video for posterity. Great. So they broke out a video camera. The first ‘take’ didn’t take (hehehe) so they got out another camera and a tripod. Chauncey yelled, ‘action’ and off I go. My mom threatened to blog it if I didn’t, so here it is. . .  .



Oh, I am so embarrassed.


oneordinaryday said...

So fun. It's an awesome book and I can see why your kids love hearing you read it!!! : )

3Motionz said...

bravo jennie! bravo.

Lilipadella said...

You're on YouTube! Way to be brave...I couldn't do it :(