Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Around the Corner?

LOOK!!!! Flowers! Signs of life! Spring!!!

first flowers!


I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this could actually mean that Spring is really going to happen. With such a late start to our winter I was (am) sure that it would last until May. But as I was getting the mail today I saw these sweet little flowers and now I’m starting to wonder! (P.S. Flower lovin’ folks, what are these? I’m horticulturally illiterate.)

It’s been really lovely outside. Warm (well, 50 degrees) and sunny. I’m in love with the light around here. It’s amazing. I’ve been able to open my sunroom door and let all that beautiful light flood my kitchen and keep it warm too. My toes have been warm. For the first time in MONTHS, my toes have been warm. I’ve been hiding them in two layers of socks and big comfy slippers. I’ve had a sweater on since we moved in. I love this old drafty house, but it is chilly! I’m not ready to break out sandals yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying the weather!

Speaking of Spring, my little munchkin will be turning 5 years old on the first day of Spring. *sniff* Where did those first years go? I am really excited for his birthday party, though! He’s having a pirate party, Arg Matey!

I hope you’re spotting signs of Spring as well!


Carol said...

I think they're crocus's. Or would one be crocus? Is one moose mooseli or mise? You know if there are some mice and one is a mouse. Oh, it's all so confusing! I think the crocus comes from a bulb.

Kris said...

She's right. Those are crocus...and they do come from bulbs. They'll come back every year and spread a little. They are the first sign of spring here in Utah. Enjoy!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Your mom has been keeping me up on YOU. So glad your hubby got a job and you are enjoying where you live.

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Lilipadella said...

Yep, crocus is what they are...we are spotting signs of spring in the low 60's and blue sunny skies...I even got a tan already from starting my new garden!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the magnolia tree in the front yard here...amazing! God must love me because he knows I love magnolias :)

Jennie said...

Cool! I have crocus :) Crocuses?

Rhea, I loved that tree! Take LOTS of pictures of it because, I swear, it's only in bloom for like a week. Then it's done. *sniff* I did love March in ML. I bet your garden is looking great!