Monday, April 12, 2010

Oooga Booga!

metamorphosis monday

I’m linking up with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphasis Monday to show off my scary closet.

dining room closet

Eeep, scary! This is the closet in our dining room. Poor thing just had a heap of problems. There’s that board down on the floor that was covering a hole, just a hole down to the basement. Eep. So that closet (and anything inside it) smelled, um, not good. That musty, damp, funky ‘old house smell’ you sometimes get. The 2nd and 3rd shelves were each made from two boards that weren’t joined together, so if you put something heavy on those shelves it would tip forward and you’d risk it toppling down to the floor when you open the door. It was covered with two kinds of contact paper that was just barely hanging on and the whole closet was covered in spiderwebs and mouse doo. And it even had a resident Black Widow. Eep!!!

I had the super fun job of cleaning it out. I removed all the contact paper, took out the shelves, pried the shelf supports off, vacuumed it out and washed the whole thing down. Then Jay made custom shelves for it. I came out  to the garage to talk to him while he was working and had to do a quick check to see if he was drunk or something. Just kidding! The shelves he was working on all had funky angles and each one was different. This is an old house and the closet isn’t precisely square anymore. So each shelf had to be measured individually and cut to fit. Poor Jay, it took him most of the day.

He finally got them installed and after a light sanding I got to paint it. I put on a Book on CD and went to town! And, 3 naptimes and one evening later, here it is. . . .


*le sigh* Aaaaaaah, clean, simple, and even though it doesn’t look it, perfectly square and stable shelves. Makes me happy just looking at it! Now if I can keep it tidy and organized for more than five minu. . .

Shoot. Well. what can I say? Maybe I’ll post another picture when I finally get all my craft supplies organized! At least they’re not taking over my dining room anymore! Thanks for stopping by! And now you can head over to Between Naps on the Porch to see all the other amazing transformations! I could look at before and after pictures all day! (and I sometimes do!)

Here’s one for the road. (I just can’t stop looking at it!)

 dining room closet Dining room shelves, after


Carol said...

Wow! That turned out great! I love it that it's all white, nice, clean and simple. Kind of the Beach Cottage look! I bet that was a lot of work! You should post a picture of Jay working on a project sometime!

Allison Shops said...

Looks much cleaner white - nice job! Stopping by from BNOTP.

My Cottage Charm said...

Hi Jennie
Thanks for commenting on my laminate armoire makeover....I just love her now. :) I know what you mean about a growing list of projects... I am booked until the year 2022! LOL Your closet looks so nice now...I need to get to work on re-doing mine. I hung a new closet organizer, but the name is misleading cause it sure doesn't make my closet any more organized! ;-)
Have a great day and come back and see me again!


vignette design said...

Your closet looks much better now!

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

GREAT job! I'm excited for you! Now have fun going through all of your supplies. I hope you find a few pretties you'd forgotten all about. (That always gets me excited and wanting to make something!). I hopped over from Between Naps on the Porch and am so happy that I did! Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place when you get a moment. I have become a follower and hope that you will do the same. until later...

Chocolate Sundaes said...

great job! I love organizing! thanks for linking up at sundae scoop!