Monday, May 17, 2010

Console-ation Prize!

metamorphosis monday

I’m joining up for Metamorphosis Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to show off my new console table! I have a cool Metamorphosis slideshow at the bottom of this post, I hope you like it! 
Disclaimer: I did not make this table. But I could have, if I had at all the patience it takes to work with wood. (Jay assured me that this was the case.) Wood is kind of a bummer because if you screw up you can’t just add more cream or attach an extra ruffle. But my hubby is just amazing and recently became excited about building furniture. And I got excited and started jotting down a list of things I’d really like! And he has TOTALLY come through for me!

We found this table on Knock Off Wood. Ana is AMAZING! She’s got a ton of plans for Pottery Barn style furniture and it’s all free. According to Jay, the plans are easy to build and she’s done all the measuring for you. This is her Tryde Console Table. (Jay added an ‘apron’ around the edges to give it a little more width.) I painted it in Creamy by Sherwin Williams. Miss Mustard Seed recommended it in a post ,and since she has beautiful taste I just walked straight into the store and asked for that color. Didn’t even bother looking for the paint chip. (I could probably spend an hour agonizing over which shade of white to buy. I’m fine picking out a color, but white is a challenge for me. Have you SEEN the options for white? Seriously.)

bare console table

Oh yeah, please excuse the bad lighting. It was a bad lighting kind of day. This table goes in front of a window in my dining room that looks out onto the sunroom. So all the light coming in the sunroom confused the heck out of my camera and I had to cover those windows. Which led to poor light in the dining room. I’m sure someone with an ounce of photography skills could have fixed the problem in a jiffy, but I’m just fumbling my way here and ended up with yucky light.

decked console talbe

So, here’s my table! It really is the most delicious shade of cream. And the table is just the right shape for the big empty corner of my dining room! Love it! I’d love to shelf books on the bottom, or set a big basket there for extra linens, but I have a toddler and that is sooooo not happening right now!

tea cup and pot  

I’ve been collecting blue transferware dishes lately, I’m getting quite a hoard! Amelia actually snagged the teacup and saucer for me at an Alice in Wonderland tea party we went to. (She’s got great taste for an almost four year old! lol!)  My mom found the teapot in an antique shop and brought it when she came to visit. The wire bowl used to be an awful shade of rust (not actual rust, just painted to look that way.) and my personal painter (Jay) brightened it up with a coat of Heirloom White.


My mom gave me most of a set of blue transferware plates and I’ve been picking the rest up here and there at yard sales, thrift stores and antique shops. I have 24 plates right now in about 9 different patterns! I love having a whole mismatched set on the table, it looks very ‘country’ to me. I know some people have hang-ups about ‘pre-owned’ items. I completely do not. If it’s pretty and I like it, I’d almost rather have something that someone else loved too. Something with more history than a piece off of a Big Box Store shelf. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either, I own plenty of that as well. But it’s fun to make up stories about what kind of food was served on this plate and who came to tea when that tea cup was last used. Besides, I’m finding out more and more that I really like the mismatched, country look. Like bed sheets, I love mismatched bed sheets! And towels. And silverware. I could go on and on. . . .

I made some white muslin curtains for the dining room, you can see them in the slide show below. I loved making them! I love muslin, the feel and the smell of it, how it hangs, and the barely opaque look of it! These curtains have an old fashioned feel to them that I just love. I didn’t want to block much light, but I did want there to be some privacy if we needed it! 24 windows on the main floor make for a bit of a fishbowl effect! Also, muslin is really inexpensive, I made curtains for three windows for under $20!
So, here’s my slideshow! I had fun making it, I hope you like it!

Now you can go check out all the amazing before and afters on Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch. I love Mondays!


Carol said...

I love it! It's really great in person, so you might want to stop by Jennie's to see it!
You'll have to teach me how to do a slide show, yours was great!

Nori Coleman said...

You two make and awesome team! I really enjoyed the post and the slide show. Great job it looks great!!

Jen said...

LOVE IT! You will use that table a ton! And, the slideshow was cool. I would have loved to see the slideshow of you running to the table to add another plate and then running back to your camera to snap the photo! Great job. Hope you are enjoying Spring in Maine.

Jennie said...

Jen, my mom totally got a kick out of watching me :) And I had to do it twice because there was so much light coming in from the sunroom the first time that the pictures were really, really dark! Good times ;)