Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. . . .

Well, I haven’t been entirely lazy, I’ve started a bunch of projects, but none are done yet. Things keep getting in the way.


Like this woodpecker, investigating our stump that the kids decorated with clam shells. This picture was taken through two windows, so it’s a bit blurry. Jilly-Bean and I had to lounge in the sunroom and watch him for a good half hour until he flew off to a new tree.

blurry fox

And this guy. The kids missed him when I drove past, and he was still there when I turned around for a second look. Considerate of him :)


And these little lovers. Wish I’d gotten video of this. They swooped down to the water together, took a short stroll on the beach, had a little swim and then took off again. It was like a little goosey date at the beach!


Last week, Backhoe Guy showed up to replace the septic system. He brought a backhoe (well, duh) and lots of big trucks and loads of dirt.


And then this little guy fell in love. He spent most of the week in my room supervising the construction :)

digging at the beach

We spent all of last Sunday at the beach. Well, several beaches actually. Amelia is ‘digging for clams’. Jay neglected to tell her how far she’d have to dig, so she was occupied for quite some time.

Reese and Daddy

Jay and Reese went hunting for sea glass. The kids are getting REALLY good at finding it! (Jay’s always been good at spotting it.)

pretty bridge

I was surprised to see this pretty bridge down at our beach. I hadn’t even noticed it before! I need to go investigate it further!

Reesie digging

Same day, different clothes. Poor boy fell into a tide pool. (Good thing Mommy is prepared for anything.)

Amelia at the beach

Not to be undone, so did Amelia. *sigh*

first day of swimming lessons

Reese had his first swimming lesson. He got to be a crab, he was psyched :)

tea party

Amelia hosted her first tea party with real, living, breathing guests!

playing dress up

Jilly-Bean got into a bag of clothes and played dress up for a good hour! Natural born girlie-girl, that one!

   Blowing bubbles  

We’ve blown bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. (in fact, Reese and I are outside blowing bubbles as I write this!)

  matchy matchy

Amelia and Jillian got matching carseats, finally. Jilly-Bean is absolutely thrilled to be facing forward. She squealed, chirped and giggled the entire ride into town!

  picking dandelions        

And Reese started the monumental task of ridding our yard of dandelions! What a sweetheart!

So, I hope you haven’t missed me. Scratch that, I do hope you’ve missed me ;) We’ve been capitalizing on the unbelievably gorgeous weather and keeping the kids busy! I’ll be back soon, hopefully with some finished projects and some yummy recipes to share!


Stephanie said...

Wonderful post, Jennie! We should ALL be "lazy" more often! :) Great shots too - I love the one of Amelia walking away from you - frameable!

Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

I love all your pictures, especially the ones with the kids!

Lilipadella said...

I love that you can catch pictures of wildlife where you live. The only thing I get here is small birds that are here everyday!

Thanks for the post, I have missed you :)