Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fairy Bower

Amelia in the bower

I saw this idea on the Family Fun website and absolutely fell in love. I wanted one for Amelia! We have this great sunroom on the front of our house which hasn’t had much attention paid to it, so it was fairly empty of furniture, which made it the perfect place for a fairy bower!


We had covered all the windows to the sunroom with sheets and craft paper, so we could work on it in secret. Then we took down all the window coverings the night before the party. When Amelia saw it the next morning she was absolutely starry-eyed. She just whispered, ‘it’s sooooooo beeeea-u-ti-ful’! She played in it all morning while we were all getting dressed and ready for the party.

  white bower

I had planned to use yards and yards of tulle, but then my mom sent me this bed canopy that used to be my sister’s. So then I planned to just add tulle it and use the canopy as the base.

 purple bower

Then I found this canopy at the thrift store! Sweet! 

curtain bower

And I remembered the netting curtains that used to hang in Amelia’s room. I had four panels of them. So I threaded two panels each onto the outer ring of a small embroidery hoop and strung them up with some yarn. 

second curtain bower

Since I didn’t want to damage them, I used safety pins and fishing line to string up sections of the canopies. Then we pinned fairies and butterflies all over them!!! The butterflies are just so super simple, you can make a hundred of them while watching a single movie. That’s what I did! You’ll find the directions for there here at Family Fun.

yellow fairy

I also hung a bunch of fairies from the ceiling with fishing line. It looked like they were floating in the air!

 Pink fairy

I found the flower fairies on Family Fun too! I made 53 of them before I ran out of embroidery floss (used for the hair.) You can see my (somewhat blurry) tutorial on them here.

 rose fairy

I sent all the little girls from the party home with the fairy of their choice. (The rest are going in Amelia’s bedroom!)

reading fairy books

I covered the floor with some comforters to make it more pleasant to sit in.

fairy picnic

The fairies enjoyed their picnic inside the bower!

 sleeping fairy

And one took a little fairy nap. The end.

For our Fairy fun headquarters, click here!


Lori said...

The last little fairy taking a nap is absolutely precious. That is exactly what I would want to do in such a cozy beautiful space. I often go into my little girl's room and lay on the bed and think to myself it's the best place in the whole house for a nice fairy tale dream filled nap. I wish she felt the same. :) Thank heavens for little girls.

Lori said...
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