Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Costume Supercenter!


A while back I was contacted by Costume Supercenter to do a product review. Needless to say, I was extremely flattered! I have always hated the idea of just grabbing some random costume from a seasonal aisle in a big box store, and here’s an opportunity to get a Halloween costume from people who really know their stuff! I pored over their website trying to decide what to review. There is SO much to choose from!  I looked at this fairy costume for Amelia. . .


. . . it lights up, for crying out loud!!! How cool is THAT???


I liked things like this for Reese. . . .


. . . . but, of course, he’d rather go as something like this. . . . . (boys are gross)


For Jillian, I looked at things like this. . . .


and things that nearly killed me with cuteness, like this!!!!


There are hilarious men’s costumes, like this. . . .


Please, Jay, please??? You and Amelia could be matching fairies! LOL! Seriously, how funny is this costume!!!!!

No? Well, I think he’d rather go as this . . . .


There is a massive selection of women’s costumes. Really cool ones like this. . .


Or cute ones like this one. . . .


I ended up picking this gorgeous women’s reversible red and black cloak.


I love the hood and the curling edges at the bottom! It’s very well made from a lovely velveteen fabric. I can tell I’ll be able to get many good years of use out of it. (Good thing a witch is a classic!) It’s thick and warm and makes me feel quite witchy. In a good way ;)

So, we’ve finally made our decisions on costumes. This Halloween I’m going as a witch and Jillian will be my little black cat! Jay will be Professor Snape, Reese is going as a skeleton and Amelia decided against an old school ghost (I was SO in favor of this! Easy! But alas, it was not to be.) in favor of a fairy, which will also be adorable. Just maybe a little cold!

Anyway, I can’t wait for the big day! I finally will be going in a comfortable and warm costume, as opposed to years past! Now, I’ve got to scoot and make an order so my costumes will be here in time! (I can’t believe the prices at Costume Supercenter! Amazing!)  Happy Halloween!

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