Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dried Flower Nosegay

I was browsing through Tip Junkie the other day and saw this. I had a big, gorgeous bouquet of flowers that Jay had gotten me for my birthday. (Thanks, Honey!) They were looking a little past their prime so I decided to make nosegays out of them. I didn't have any floral wire, but I did have some silver 24 gauge wire in my jewelry making stuff, so I used that. I made one but I didn't care for the silver wire showing, so I grabbed some ribbon and a couple pretty pins and tried again.

Take 4 roses that are past their prime. Cut the stems down so they are about 4" long and remove the outer guard petals.

Cut a piece of wire about 18" long. Carefully pierce the base of the rose.

Slide the rose into the middle of the wire and repeat with the remaining roses.

Pull the ends of the wire together so the roses form a circle. Twist the wire together like you would a twist-tie. Wrap the wire around the stems a few times so it's nice and secure.

Make a large loop out of your ribbon and tie a knot. Center the knot over the base of the stems.

Wrap the wire over the ribbon, around the stems and back over the ribbon again to secure it.

Tie your bow and trim the ends of the ribbon. Take your lighter and sort of wave the flame back and forth over the ends of the ribbon to finish them. You don't need to actually touch the flame to the ribbon, the heat will start to melt the edge and finish it so it won't unravel.

Stick your pin into the center of your knot and you're good to go!

The nosegay at the top of the post is a bit different. I had done 3 and started to place the bow. Then I decided to just use up the last of the roses. So I just added three more and finished tying up the wire. I really like how that looks much better. Now I wish I'd taken more pictures!

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