Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday. My day started off with Lia yelling, "Mommy, Mooooooooommy, Mom, Mom, Mom, Moooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy," during the last five minutes of my shower. Nice. I yelled back to find out what she wanted when I got out. (Hey, two can play at that game, besides, I was soaking wet.) Apparently she had gone to the bathroom and, uh, needed my assistance when she was done. I felt bad for about .0000002 seconds. Because when I went to help her I found out she'd already tried to take care of the problem and there was half a roll of TP that required to be fished out of the toilet. Great. Happy Birthday to me.

Things got better though. I got my ice cream finished and in my little Dream Machine before the coffee was even done brewing. My cake was next and by that time Lia was all cleaned up and ready to help.

Lia Making My Birthday Cake.

Getting Ingredients Together.

Blending the Sugar and Zest.

The Cakes are Perfect, but Yes the Cupcakes are Slightly Overdone.

Layer One

Filling the Cake

Almost there!

Aahhh, Crumb Coat Applied. Now to the Fridge to Set.

Coconut Applied to Sides.

Ta-Da!!! Can You Believe I Did That? Well, With Lia's Help, Of Course!

I saw this cake on The Repressed Pastry Chef and fell in love with it. And it has lemon! I used a different frosting and I blended my lemon curd in with the frosting before using it as filling. But other than that it's the same recipe. It was to DIE for! I CANNOT believe the texture of that cake! OMG. These next pix are just for Mom :) Hope you like!

Then there were presents and dinner and such. But it's really late and taking forever to load pictures so you don't get to see them. Sorry. Hubby gets huge points for coming home from work early and surprising me with roses and a WiiFit. Which is going to come in dang handy, what with all the baking that has been going on lately.

Oh, and before I drop dead of exhaustion. . . .Happy Birth Day, Baby Mikayla! Congrats, April and Tyson!!!


Carol said...

Gosh, I think I gained a pound just looking at those pictures! Talk about food porn! Good thing you had a such a good little helper!

Rebecca said...

Amazing cake. If watching the Food Network did this for you, I'm even more sad that I don't get that channel. Very impressed you did all this on your birthday!