Saturday, May 23, 2009


Meet Lucy, our miniature Schnauzer. Our somewhat rare, white, purebred miniature Schnauzer.

Maybe you need context, this is what a well groomed miniature Schnauzer looks like.

As you can see, she was a tad overdue for a trim. Just a tad. Poor thing could barely see, her eyebrows were so long! I called our groomer last week and the soonest he could get her in happened to be on my birthday. When I dropped her off I thought the poor man's eyes would pop out of his head. He gave me a look of pure disgust and took Lucy away from me. I'm sure he told her how neglected she is and that Mommy's shoes probably taste just delicious and she should give them a go.

I was busy in the kitchen when the time came to go pick her up. Jay kindly offered to go get her for me. This is the dog he picked up.

He nearly had words with the groomer.

We're pretty sure it's the same dog. This dog comes to the name Lucy. She knew where the water bowl and the best hidey holes were. It is wearing Lucy's collar. Must be Lucy. Although this new dog does seem a bit more interested in shoes than the previous version.

I could barely bring myself to tell him this is what I requested. And I probably should have told him this is what to expect when picking up our sweet, shaggy dog. It gets unbearably hot here and I didn't want her to melt into a big doggie puddle this summer.

For the record, I think she likes her new 'do. And the fact that she just lost half her body weight. I always feel a bit springier when I lose a couple pounds too.

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Carol said...

She looks like a sleek running dog now! Or, a Go-Go! lol