Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Alive!

It's aliiiiiiiiiiiive! See that?? That green shoot? See it?? Yep, plant life. *nods* The planets have aligned (or more probably, the sprinklers) and there is something green growing in a planter that belongs to ME! I take zero responsibility for this miracle of creation. Reese's teacher brought him a flower to plant, some funky, rooty looking thing, I have no idea what. He and Jay went out and dug a little hole for it and plunked it in there. Reese vigilantly watered it every single day. For four days. Then we both forgot its very existence. And yet. . . . . life will find a way.*

Stick around and we'll document its progress! Daily! Vigilantly! Or at least until I forget its very existence again. Wonder how long it will take before it dies? Hmmmm.

Last year, this wonderful woman I buy heirloom tomatoes from gave (GAVE!) me two tomato plants. I was so excited! I had visions of all the fresh salsa I was going to make, all the baskets of gorgeous, colorful, delicious tomatoes I would have on my counter waiting to go into pasta, salads or breads. I went right down to the hardware store and bought one of those wire tomato plant climbing thingies, a large planter, and some organic soil mix. I came home and planted them and lovingly gave them water. (A couple of times) And probably waaaaay too much sun. I got a couple little tiny tomatoes by the end of summer, but the skins were thick and hard, and they tasted absolutely disgusting. The worst part was that the planter was right outside the glass sliding door off the kitchen. So I looked out there at my poor pathetic tomato plants literally every day. And never brought them water. They were maybe 10 feet from the kitchen faucet.

I guess it's kind of a miracle the kids have survived so long. It's those big blue eyes and the 'Mommy, I hungwee!' And probably because they love pasta. Maybe if the tomato plant had wanted pasta it would have lasted longer. Or said cute things like 'hungwee'.

*Oh, yeah. That was totally a Jurassic Park reference.

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