Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Priorities (or Lack Thereof)

Here's what I should be doing. . . .

. . . . plus the loads in the machines.

And here's what I'm actually doing. . . .

There is only so much naptime in the day, why squander it on laundry?

Yesterday I made fondant which had to hang out overnight in the fridge. Bummer. I waited patiently all day for the fondant to come out and play. So, here it is in all its marshmallowy glory. . . .

Ready to play!

It was SO much easier to work with than I'd feared! Now all I've done is covered a dozen cupcakes with it, but I was imagining a wild beast that would refuse to be tamed, not the placid little puppy that laid down, rolled over and asked me to rub its tummy! I barely used any fondant at all, so there's still plenty to play with later. (Apparently it keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks!)

Rolling out the fondant

The kids woke up before I got to the really fun part, the decorating bit. The cupcakes had been looking decidedly mushroomy to me, so I just sprinkled them with a little cocoa powder. What do you think? Now me, I don't particularly care for my mushrooms raw, but these were awesome!

Fun guys, huh?

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