Saturday, May 16, 2009

You say 'tomato'. . .

Lollipop is not a word that rolls easily off my tongue. I grew up calling them 'suckers'. Jay insists on 'lollipops'. I'm guessing it's a East coast/West coast thing. So we call them lollipops in this house. Same reason I force my mouth to pronounce syrup as 'seerup' and not 'surup'. Ah, the things I do for love. (Before you roll your eyes at me let me tell you, it's hard to make yourself say seerup when your inner cowgirl is laughing her ass off at you and your hoity-toity pronunciations.) Haha, it just occured to me, I only torture myself with 'seerup' when speaking about maple syrup. Not, for example, when talking about a simple syrup. Maybe it's because New Englanders get so darn sensitive about their precious maple. Jay almost choked to death the first time I made him pancakes with the maple syrup I grew up with. You know, a simple syrup flavored with maple extract? I didn't know a person's eyes could bug that far out of their head. It was an enlightening experience.

Cake Lollipops

Anywho, I saw these on Bakerella's site and knew the kidlets would go crazy for them. Please be sure you have enough chocolate/candy coating before you start, I ended up running out and melting down some chocolate chips. Which worked fine if you going to cover them up with sprinkles or something. I loved the ones she did for Easter! The sheep in particular! I've got to get my hands on some sugar pearls!

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