Friday, July 3, 2009

I Know I Saw My Motivation Around Here Somewhere!

I am just not motivated to do anything that I need to do today. I have yet to finish cleaning the carpet in the living room and dining room. (I did get the rest done.) I have a TON of groceries sitting on the table because I was too tired to put them away last night. (11pm when I got home.) And I promised Jay buffalo chicken dip and cookies for the guys who work for him and I have yet to fire up the oven. Not in the mood. In fact, most of this post was lifted from a post I left on my mommy board this morning! Sorry!

In other news, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! We bought this gazebo last April as a little taxpayer present to ourselves. We put it up and loved the heck out of it. We have just this tiny little crabapple tree for shade so the gazebo was desperately needed. Then, not even a month later, the bleepity bleeping wind picked the whole thing up and set it down on top of our 6 foot fence. I wish I'd gotten a picture, it looked like a giant dog peeking over the neighbor's fence. Instead my first reaction was to run out there and try and get it off the fence by myself. Dumb. I probably did more damage to the dang thing doing that than if I'd waited for someone to help me. Anyway, last night Jay brought home the steel to fix it! And spent ALL NIGHT out in the garage cutting, grinding and welding! Poor guy, after working a 12 hour day, too. He's got it just about finished, he just has to make a few brackets, spray paint the new pieces and I'll help him get it bolted together. And then we are screwing the bleepity bleeping thing to the dang fence! So we should have a nice gazebo up in time for Jay's parent's visit. Sweet!

Amelia, Two Years Old

Oh, and I'm so excited about this! Amelia's birthday is next week (the 10th) and we are going to have a full house. Jay's parents, our friends, Claudia and Jesse and their two littles, and my brother, Mark, and his lovely wife, Akvile!! Mark didn't realize that it was Amelia's birthday and just wanted to come hang out for the afternoon since they were passing by. When I mentioned that it was Lia's birthday he wanted to make it a real visit. (sweet!) He was concerned about sleeping arrangements and I said something about us all camping out in the living room. Then it occurred to me that it's been lovely camping weather and we'd probably all be more comfortable actually camping in the backyard. So we're having a campout! I can't wait!!!

I haven't really given too much thought as to what we'll be eating at our 'campout'. Any thoughts? What is your favorite camping food? (Added benefit to camping in the backyard: I can totally cheat as I have access to a real kitchen! Cool!)


Carol said...

Tin foil dinners, are one of my favorites! Just chop up a bunch of veggies, season some meat, and let everyone put what they want in theirs. Mark them with a sharpie and bake them on cookie sheets in the oven!

oneordinaryday said...

We used to have one of those gazebos and the same thing happened.... a huge wind lifted it up and deposited it upside down in the yard. The metal was all twisted and everything. Good idea to bolt the thing to the fence!

Camp food? S'mores are a given, right? I posted a s'mores bar a while back that gives all the fun and flavor w/o the campfire. And too yummy for words too.
Have fun!

Jennie said...

Michelle, I later realized that I never see any awnings, canopies, or gazebos in this area. It gets serious wind! I'm hoping bolting it to the fence will be enough! lol!

I love your s'more sandwiches! I was seriously considering setting up our (illegal) open flame brazier ;) This is a much better idea!

Mom, that's a good idea for an entree! Accommodate all the picky littles!