Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Blast from the Past


hazelnut grove

I didn’t mention yesterday that the event we went to was held at Willamette Mission State Park. Well, it was! What a gorgeous site! This is a picture of part of the filbert (hazelnut) grove. Jacob had taken the kids for a walk and discovered wild blackberries growing in the trees. Yes, up in the trees! I’d never seen a blackberry bush do that before, it was bizarre! So we grabbed some bowls and scored ourselves some fresh, wild, organic blackberries! 


These were about 4 feet above my head. I managed to knock most of them into my bowl, hehehe.

Jake scoring berries

Jacob expertly dislodging blackberries.


Not a bad haul for half an hour’s work! Especially considering that Amelia ate about a bowlful as we were picking them!


Reese, enjoying the fruits of our labors. Literally!

Reese picking flowers

I mentioned yesterday that the kids had nothing much to do or play with while we were there. They spotted these cute little yellow flowers and spent a good hour picking them! They were so cute, it was just about as good as an Easter egg hunt.

oooooh flowers!

OOOOOooooh, look! MORE flowers! (Cool shield, huh?)

picking flowers together

Could they BE any cuter?

pretty flower girl

So sweet! Love this picture!

 giving daddy a flower

Giving Daddy a flower.


While they were picking flowers, Jay went to the shops and found ‘boffers’ for sale. Essentially a bat made from pvc, closed cell foam, fiber tape and duct tape. There’s even a boffer tournament for kids to participate in. (Don’t worry, they have to wear armor too!) By the way, when I first saw this picture my first reaction was to freak out on Jay. Then I saw the next few pictures and realized that Reese had just ‘gotten’ Jay.


See? Nice work, Reese!


Jay’s a good sport.


And a ham. Most definitely a ham!

child knights

A couple of little boys practice fighting. Their helms are hysterical!

jennie's garb

And, because so many of you demanded it. . . . a picture of me in my garb! Well, part of my garb. I have a really pretty burgundy overdress that goes over this, but it was hot out that afternoon, so I left it off. And I’ve got Jillian in the Moby wrap, so not precisely period. Anyway, you get the idea. (Sorry it’s blurry!)


Carol said...

Great pictures! The park looks beautiful! Hammy hubby! Great berries! Cute kiddies! Love the dress, how do you do anything in those sleeves? Or do you get passing rogues to do you bidding while you sit on a throne? lol!

Jennie said...

Well, I don't have a throne, but it is kinda nice getting passing rogues to fetch and carry ;) But, in a pinch, you can tuck the ends of the drapey part of the sleeve up into the tight part and it stays pretty well. If not, well, safety pins. lol!