Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back from the Middle Ages

We’re back! It rained every night, but we had a great time anyhow. I’ve got a bunch of pictures to show you, I just don’t know where to start! Oh, I know, how about a tour of the site?

SCA! Ooooooh, we’re finally here!

an tir flags

The Arts and Sciences tents

merchant's row

Merchant’s Row. . . .!!! You can buy books, garb, fabrics, jewelry, hats, belts, bags, furniture, mugs, and pottery. Unfortunately the toy merchants didn’t show, I was hoping to get the kids something to play with! In fact, I had planned on it, so I didn’t bring any toys for them. It was a job keeping them entertained!


Roman Troop Tent

pavillion 2

Viking A-frame

finally set up

Ah, tent sweet tents (that’s my brother, Jacob, in the center)

I’m kind of annoyed at myself for not getting more pictures. It would rain in spurts and I didn’t want to get my camera wet, so I didn’t take as many as I was planning on. There will, however, be more pics tomorrow! Before you go, I’ll leave you with the horsey pictures! Lia loved watching the mounted archery competition, it was really cool.

pretty horse A Lady on her way to the competition.


archery  Think you could ride a horse without using your hands. . .


and shoot at (and hit) a target. . . .


while bouncing up and down and moving at a gallop? Cause I couldn’t. Wow. They made it look easy too! This woman in the teal won this round. She got her arrow in the second ring of the target. Most of the other projectiles either fell short or hit the cardboard that the target was pinned to.

 watching the horseys

The kids had a great view!

Thanks for stopping by! More pictures tomorrow!

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Carol said...

Ooh, that looks like it was so fun! The cloths turned out well! To bad about the rain! I bet the shopping was fun! I can't wait to see more!