Friday, October 16, 2009

My Star’s (Hollow)

Dear Claudia,

We’d been here about a week when Jay finally got to drive me through the ‘center of town’. It’s not as Hollywood as Star’s Hollow, but it definitely reminds me of it! Although it’s not quite Luke’s, here’s the Center Store, where you can get farm fresh, local eggs, as well as a hot breakfast.

 general store

It’s across from the gazebo. . . . . 


There’s a video store, but I don’t think they show $1 movies. . . .

weare video

  The town hall (wonder if their town meetings are as boisterous?). . . .



town hall

The post office. . . .


post office

And lots and lots of cemeteries. I keep teasing Jay that his state has lots of dead people, hehehe.


There’s also another mini grocer, Langtot’s, which really does remind you of Doose’s. And in Goffstown, just a few miles away, there’s a great Chinese place, China Gourmet.  

So, do you notice a theme? No big, block, brick, ‘official’ looking buildings. No glossy fronted, ‘corporate’ looking stores.  A lack of seedy looking strip malls. I’m sure these things exist somewhere, but not in this little town, I love it! Also, I can’t figure out the commercial zoning in this area. I’m used to all the businesses being in a district. Not here. You’re driving down the road and you see. . . . .house. . . . . house. . . . . house. . . . . Napa. . . . house. Huh?? Weird huh!

So, I’ll have to get a hold of season one and we’ll do a Gilmore Girls night over the phone! Miss you!


Simply Life said...

wow! What a gorgeous place!

Jennie said...

Thanks for stopping by :)