Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There’s a Monster at the End of this Post!

A blogger I follow did a post like this the other day and I find myself inspired to do the same! I’ve shied away from doing something like this in the past because, well, I’d be totally humiliated if no one piped up. So, please, pipe the heck up at the end of this post?!

I was wondering, why do you stop by my blog? What draws you over here? Are you interested in recipes? If so, what do you search first? Cookies? Pasta? Do you come to look in on me and my family, see how we’re doing? Do you like seeing pictures of Maine? What kinds of things would you be interested in me posting more of? (You know, when I actually post stuff! lol! It’s been off and on lately! Mostly off.)  Did you know I take pictures (or try to) of almost everything I make? And my excuse for not posting them is SO LAME. It’s because I really like Windows Live Writer for writing blog posts but it takes forever to start up and sometimes freezes on me while I’m typing. (But other than that, it’s awesome! *rolls eyes*) So I don’t feel like turning it on very often. How dumb is that. Totally not an excuse. I’ll get over it, I promise! Lame.

Okay, this is kinda creepy, but I use a program to see basically who, what, when, where and why people come see me. So I know you’re stopping by almost every day, Kim, and never leaving me a comment! How’s that for a spotlight, huh?? lol! (I hope you still love me after that!) So, please, if you lurkers have anything to say, seriously anything, leave me a comment! I changed the comment feature so that a little box pops up for you to comment in, I think it’s a little more convenient. Do you? See! You can comment about that! You can tell me I use too many run-on sentences, or you think something looks yummy, or stupid, or the kids look cute. You know, anything that pops into your head! I’m reaching out, putting myself on the line, and you don’t want me to feel like a big old dork, do you?  

lemon fudge

I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for some time, they’re so much fun and who doesn’t like to win something?? So, I was thinking, leave me a comment and I’ll pick one at random and send that lucky person a pound or so of my lemon fudge :) It’s kind of amazing, I promise! I’ve turned lemon-haters and fudge-haters both into believers. You’re going to love it! And now’s a really good time of year to be mailing something like this, it’s not likely to melt! And if my mom’s number comes up, well, I’ll draw again! She wins stuff WAY TOO MUCH! I never win anything. *pouts* Won’t be winning this one either!

So here’s some random junk you might like to comment on, you know, if you’re coming up dry. . . .

That profile picture of me up there? Yeah. I took it almost 2 years ago to show my imaginary friends my new haircut. I’m too vain to put up another picture because in that one I weigh about 20 pounds less than I do now. (Pregnant with morning sickness. Best diet plan ever. Not.) It’s one of the only pictures of me that I’ve actually liked since I was about 18 years old. Which, was almost 10 years ago! Crazy!

I’m totally lame. I am addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook. So much so that I called my parents’ house in the middle of the day just to beg my dad to get online and (this next bit won’t make any sense if you don’t play this game) do some jobs and ask for my help so I could get enough points to level up before my energy pack refilled. Oh, GEEZ, I’m such a DORK! (He did it though, totally came through for me! LOL!) So, if you play this game then AWESOME! A fellow geek! If not, then, um, don’t get started on it, you’ll get obsessed and find yourself sneaking off to ‘beat people up’. Or after getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom,  you’ll suddenly find yourself swinging by your laptop to ‘do a few jobs’. Oh, man. It’s worse than I thought. *hangs head in shame*

You could name a blog you follow, (besides mine!) I love Pioneer Woman, she cracks me up and her pictures are gorgeous! The food’s not bad either! *wink wink* Everything I’ve made of hers (well, everything but one, and I’m sure I screwed it up on my own.) turns out beautifully!  I also love Confections of a Closet Master Baker. Her life could be a movie, I swear! (Probably would be played by her sister, even!) If she posts something, I make it. Her vanilla cake is perfect, I make it ALL THE TIME, love it! I bought my sister-in-law a copy of her book (and one for me!) for Christmas and it is just delicious! I love her writing and like I said, her recipes are phenomenal! I might make her scones tomorrow. And Whimsy Love . She makes me smile daily, and she is just brilliantly crafty. I wish I had an ounce of her talent! And the way she talks about her daughters? Well, they just must have the most fun ever in that house! I feel like we have a bond (I’m sure she has no flipping clue about this!) because we both lived in Central Washington at the same time and moved away at about the same time. She managed to blog all during her moving and unpacking and all, and I soooooo did not! And, of course, there’s my mommy :) For a while there I couldn’t bear to read her blog, it made me so homesick. But I’m in a much happier place now and pop in every day to get a little bit of home! Like cookies? My mom is the Queen Of The Cookie!!! She’s got about a thousand of them on her blog, check her out!

Tell me the one food you have absolutely no self-control around. Me? Madeleines. I.will.inhale.them. Seriously, it’s a problem. OMGosh, just thinking about them has me drooling. Maybe I’ll make THEM tomorrow!

I type (write) exactly how I talk. It’s probably really annoying to read, come to think of it. I go off on tangents, throw in tons of asides, say ‘awesome’ way too much, talk in circles, and have fights with myself about whether or not to use smilies and *actions* to let you know when I’m joking or kidding or whathaveyou. What do you think about the smilies? Personally, they sort of annoy me, but I feel like I’d come off as being kind of dry or something if you didn’t know I was smiling when I said it.

So, anyway, comment,  giveaway, fudge. . . .. . . . go!








But first. . . . I told you there was a monster at the end of this post! Hahaha, I crack myself up!



No, really, now go comment!

P.S. I’ll pick the winner on Sunday (by and (if I have a car) mail the fudge out on Monday! Be sure I have a way to contact you, either with a Google ID (or some such)  or your email address!


Rebecca Hansen said...

I love your blog, and I know, I should actually comment when I think of something to say, which I always do. I love catching up on all you do and your cute little family. And you make me quite jealous with all your glorious photos of Maine. Keep posting!!! :)

Cathy Oppelt Smith (from marchmallows) said...

I tend to lurk every now and then if I read about something scrumptious that you've made. I like photos too. It's food porn for me :D. You're entertaining and amusing, so I think you have a great "recipe" for this blog. Haha, I'm such a dork.

Leia said...

LOVE your blog; save several recipes. ;) I usually read in bloglines, which means I would have to click through to comment - LAZY girl here!

Miranda said...

I shouldn't be in the running for lemon fudge, because I've already had it (and I will attest to the fact that it's scrumptious). I pop in to see the gorgeous food photos and find things that I think about making (and never actually make, except for the chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream - yum!). I'm not much of a blog-follower, with the exception of Cakewrecks (, but I enjoy yours, Jennie!

Shannon said...

I'm posting so you know you're loved, but I've MADE your lemon fudge, so you need to use it to convert someone else! Can I just say all of the above? I've made some of your recipes and some of your mom's (and some of Pioneer Woman's). Plus, I like to keep up since I'm not really on the board anymore, though it's been awhile. I'm waiting for you to be a caterer so I can enjoy your stories a la Goldy. ;)

Carol said...

Great post Jennie! I think you're a terrific writer! I love pictures of the kiddo's, pictures of your house, the things around you and your new life, things you're making, things your eating! I love your blog and this post was great, but a picture of your little monsters would of been cute too! So, I'm not in the running for the fudge huh? You're very own mom can't win? LOL, that's ok, sniff, I was going to give it to Chauncey if I won. Oh, about the post, wordless Wednesday type thing would be cute, just pictures! Love, Mommie Dearest

oneordinaryday said...

Fun book reference! One of my faves from when I was little. : )
Great blog... keep up the good work!

debbieo said...

I just found your blog thru happy hermit. I will look around. If I dont win, can I have the lemon fudge recipe?
come visit my blog.

Jennie said...

Becky, when are you going to come out here and see the gorgeousness for yourself??? Love you, babe :)

Cathy, I'm PSYCHED that my pics fall under 'food porn' for you :) Psyched!

Leia, haHA! I made you de-lurk! YAY! Comment away, darlin'!!! Btw, if you're my winner I'll try my best to find the organic stuff for ya :)

Miranda, I love that you stop by! I think those particular cupcakes are the best I've ever made, ifIdosaysomyself. That buttercream is DANGEROUS!

Shannon, what kind of person are you, wishing dead bodies on me? lol! Miss you on the board :)

Mom, I was thinking of teaching Chauncey to make the fudge when I come out :) It would almost be criminal to do that to the poor girls his age ;) They wouldn't stand a chance! lol!

Michelle, I loved that book :) My favorite page was the one he tried to brick up.

Debbie, thanks for stopping by! Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone else, but I was thinking of posting the recipe after the contest. But let's keep that to ourselves ;)

debbieo said...

Ok, I wont tell. Yes that is my house. Thanks for stopping by. If you stop by in real life we can have tea.
I do the prayer list on my blog because my friends read my blog and it helps not only me to remember to pray for the folks but it reminds them too. One lady asked me in church the other day, is sarah sick again? I said no, I just want to remember her in prayer. So then I started putting a kind of explination of what I was praying for, for each person. I tend to forget who all to pray for if its not on my list.
take care,

deerhollow said...

Just hopped over from your mom's blog which I found from a comment she made on Potabellopixie's whom I love! Isn't the blogging world fun? So many people to meet. I too like to know who visits now and again at our blog. Some people are pretty quiet. You have a pretty sweet blog here! Can't wait to try some of your recipes. I love the East Coast - I am land locked in Northern Utah, but we go out to visit family every now and then. The fudge sounds right up my alley!

deerhollow said...

Just hopped over from your mom's blog which I found from a comment she made on Potabellopixie's whom I love! Isn't the blogging world fun? So many people to meet. I too like to know who visits now and again at our blog. Some people are pretty quiet. You have a pretty sweet blog here! Can't wait to try some of your recipes. I love the East Coast - I am land locked in Northern Utah, but we go out to visit family every now and then. The fudge sounds right up my alley!

Jennie said...

I grew up in Brigham City! We were neighbors :) Loved looking at your blogs! Especially loved those acorn cupcakes, I'm DEFINITELY going to have to make those next fall! My kids have become so enamored of acorns since moving here! I want one of those Halloween quilts your friend made, SO COOL! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jenna said...

I love your Mom's blog so I thought I would pop by and say hello. Man oh MAN am I glad I did! You have my kind of humor and FANTASMIC recipes!

FYI- my favorite book growing up was "There's a Monster at the End of this Book" :) Point for you!

Another FYI- I love fudge! ANOTHER ponint for you! (You'll get a third if I happen to win the free fudge!) :)

Jennie said...

Jenna, thanks for popping over! SO glad to have you! And you said 'fantasmic'! I love people who say 'fantasmic', especially people who say my recipes are 'fantasmic'! lol!