Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Maine Ramblings (and pictures for my mom)

This morning I had to go to the post office. Our post office is across the street from this. . . . .

Cold beachy pic

It’s just so utterly amazing to me that I live here! Maine is just too gorgeous for words! And I’m seeing all for the first time in the ‘off’ season. I’m probably going to lose my mind with all the beautifulness come Spring! Also, Amelia was not impressed by the temperature. She started crying about 2 seconds after I took this. She’s an ‘indoor girl’, like me. We did stop long enough to find a pretty  mollusk shell though.

 another cemetary 

And, like New Hampshire, Maine is full of dead people! I love seeing all the little cemeteries scattered all over the place. I’m not entirely sure what that says about me. . . anywho, I love the moss growing on that tall marker. It makes it look gilded!


That cemetery is across the way from this darling church.


Hmmm, I think this is right before Bucksport? I can’t remember, I just know it’s pretty!

 funky bridge 

Crazy bridge! I was a little intimidated by it, if I’m being honest.


I love all these little New England towns! I’m used to living in Utah (and central Washington), where everything  is flat (and boring). I love all the curving roads and hilly villages.

another church

Shame about all those electrical lines in this picture, I think it’s kinda cool. By the way, I apologize for some of these pictures, they were taken from the warm, cozy safety of my car. Because it was bone-chillingly cold and windy today.

view on way home

This is the view as you crest a small hill on the way to my house. This view always makes me smile. I love the hills in the background and I’m addicted to these old barns and farmhouses!

pond, sorta

This picture nearly got me arrested. Well, okay, pulled over. Just kidding. Well, I really did think I was going to get pulled over, I’d stopped pretty much in the road to take this picture and just as I was pulling back out a cop came up behind me. Yikes! Anyway, this picture is of a ‘pond’ near our house. A ‘pond’. All that white? Frozen ‘Pond’. Mainers have odd ideas about ponds, in my humble opinion. Ponds are bodies of water the size of a swimming pool where you catch frogs and spot fireflies. This, my friends, is a LAKE. It’s ginormous. Soooooo not a pond!

poor snowman!

And our poor snowman. This almost broke my heart. The day after I slaved away bringing him to life it warmed up a bit. Then the temperature plummeted and he froze to solid (I think?) ice. But not before he lost his carrot and his coal buttons. It looks like he’s trying to reach down and  pick them up, doesn’t it?? Poor snowman!


Carol said...

I love the pictures! I wish I were there! I think I could of braved the cold for a walk on the beach. In the spring you'll have to take me for a walk on the beach. I can't wait to see it all in person! Poor little Lia, she was a good sport to look for a shell in the cold, so was her mom!

Rebecca Hansen said...

You are killing me! You may seriously have house guests for a long weekend once it warms up!

Jen said...

Hi. Found you through Thelma's shoe giveaway. I am in Park City Utah, however my in-laws summer in Maine (Ogunquit) Maine is absolutely glorious and clearly you are seeing it's beauty. Great photography. Have fun in your cute New England town. The people are kind, the arts and crafts are abundant and nature is at it's best. I'll check in again.

Jennie said...

Hi Jen! Thank you for stopping by! Park City is lovely too :) My friends and I used to daytrip over there when we were supposed to be doing boring things . . . like attend Algebra or Chemistry :)