Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Costume Party

As all the children arrived for Amelia’s birthday party we got the dressed up in their fairy gear! I had it set out and ready to go on the ‘costume table’, later to be known as the ‘Fairy Feast Table’.

costume table (3)

I loved how this table turned out! I borrowed the garland idea from Prudent Baby. I used all different sized butterflies (I just cut them out freehand), but next time I would stick with the smaller ones. The big ones sorta flopped around more than I’d have liked. But I thought it looked pretty! I covered the table with brown craft paper like I always do, but I trimmed it close around the edges before taping it down with packing tape. Then I looped lengths of crepe paper all the way around and covered the edge with another piece. I love the skirty look it has! And it was cheap and easy, always a big plus in my book! Next time instead of individually taping each piece of crepe paper on I am just going to run lengths of double sided tape around the edge and stick the crepe paper to that. I figured that out halfway through and it made it go a LOT faster! (Made the post-party cleanup easier too!)

streamer door2

The girls each got a tutu. (Lengths of multi-colored tulle knotted around a long ribbon. It tied in the back so I didn’t have to worry about waist measurements.)


And pixie ears on a flower crown.(I found the pattern for the ears at Make and Take. But my kids had a hard time keeping them on so I just cut two little slits in them and threaded them onto the headbands.)

Fairy wands

A sparkly wand! (Tutorial coming soon, I promise!!!)


And fairy wings! I ordered these from Oriental Trading Company and painted them with acrylic paint. Of course, the birthday girl’s got an extra splash of glitter!


Here’s the Birthday Girl!

Amelia in costume 

And a few of her fairy friends!

elf ears

We had almost as many boys attending the party as girls, so of course they needed costumes too! They received their wands and wings, and they also got pixie ears. . . .

Elf hats (2)

Pixie hats. . . .

elf pouches

And elf pouches!


Aren’t they cute!

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Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I LOVE this so much. I love them on the headbands, and craft foam is perfect!!

What a fun party. Thanks for sharing and for linking back!

Katie said...

The boys!! That just about killed me! They look so cute!!!

Melissa said...

These ideas are wonderful and I plan on using several of them for my daughter's 5th birthday in a few weeks - thank you! Please, will you tell me how you made the wands?

Thanks so much!

Jennie said...

Thanks, Melissa! I really had the best intentions of getting a tutorial up . . . . *sigh*

I used this dough ( rolled it about 1/4" thick and cut it with star shaped cookie cutters, 2 stars per wand. Then I covered the dowels (actually cake rods in the Wilton section of Walmart) with aluminum foil (so they wouldn't brown in the oven) and molded the two stars around the top of the rod. (Make sure all the seams are sealed together before baking) After they were baked and cooled, I used a generous amount of E600 to glue the rods in place. When those were set, I painted the stars with acrylic paint and let it dry. Then I painted Modge Podge over the whole star and coated it with Martha Stewart glitter. After it had set, I painted another layer of Modge Podge on to seal it in. (Works like a charm, btw.)

When I made these for the party, I really didn't care how long they lasted, I was fine with them making it a week or so, you know? But we've had them now for 8 months in a house with 3 active little kids and they've held up amazingly well! Oh, they've broken and chipped a few, but only after super-hard usage ;)

Also, I had great intentions to paint designs on the rods and tie ribbons on at the base of the star, but that just didn't end up happening ;) Would look awfully pretty though!

Richelle said...

Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing every cute details of your party. I love it. Getting ideas for my daughter's 1st birthday party :). Thanks again!