Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun and Games

fairyland sign

Amelia was turning four and I decided to go with games and activities that didn’t necessarily have a ‘winner’. It seems like with kids this age that, even if every kid wins a game, someone is broken-hearted at some point. So we planned things accordingly. (And only ended up with one meltdown! My overexcited five year old! Ah well.)


I learned from the mistakes I made at my son's party and made a little itinerary for Amelia’s party so I would have it clear in my mind what was happening next. I printed them out so that I could get a little assistance from the other parents in herding the 14 children we had attending the party in the right direction. Worked like a charm!

I did run into a little traffic jam right at the beginning of the party when all the kids were arriving and needing attention and help with their costumes all at once. I need to plan a little better for that next time!

So the kids arrived and got all dressed up in Fairy gear. While they were getting ready they got to dig in a sandbox for beads to make necklaces with. I wanted to use a kiddie swimming pool but the only ones they had at the store were just way too big. So I just used an under-the-bed storage tote. I tucked a bedsheet in it and under the edges and just poured the sand into that.

fairy sand box

When everyone was ready we followed a trail of fairy dust (glitter) into the Enchanted Fields.

Amelia Fairy

We have a large field next to our house.

Finding the fairy trail

Jay spend hours out there mowing a path all through it. It had loops and swirls and dead ends.

starting the trail

The grass is SO TALL that you absolutely can’t cheat!

following the leader

I was so excited for this part of the party! The kids loved it!!


Amelia rounding up her straggling troops.

entering the grotto

The trail let to the Fairy Grotto, which was decorated with 40+ paper fairies and some pretty bunting.

reading the note

They found this note, and had a fun scavenger hunt!

scavenger note

     found a stick!  

Amelia found one of the sticks. All the scavenger hunt items were glittered within an inch of their little lives!

fairy freeze tag

Then we came back to the yard for a game of Fairy Freeze Tag. I gave one fairy a soft wand (so we wouldn’t have any accidental injuries!) and another fairy a bottle of pixie dust. The fairy with the wand tagged someone and then that child had to hold still until they were sprinkled with pixie dust by the rescue fairy!


Then we went inside and the fairies made their own bottles of pixie dust. (Colored sand with glitter mixed in)


This gave me time to get the Feast Table ready!

food table (2)

For our Fairy fun headquarters, click here!

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julia said...

love it I've made a ton of those fairys from family fun my kids love tham great job on the party:)