Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Windsday, Rabbit!

lemon loaf with strawberries

I was trolling Facebook the other day when I read a friend’s status update that literally made me drool. She posted: Janice LOVES Starbuck’s lemon pound cake. (For the record, so does Jennie.)  Since there isn’t a Starbucks for at least an hour in any direction, I ran for my kitchen. Within a few minutes I had Julia’s Lemon Loaf Cake in the oven. I decided to skip making an icing for it in favor of a strawberry sauce. I had a couple of 2 liters of ginger ale left over from Jilly-Bean’s birthday party, so I made some of my favorite party punch too. I set the table, lit a few candles and turned on some music. (Okay, it was kid music. But it was still nice!)
And that is the story of how Jay came home to a little impromptu party. Happy Wednesday, Jay!
(Just to avoid confusion: This is the same punch I made, but these pictures were taken at my mom’s house.)
You’ll need a can of frozen juice concentrate, (Any kind will do, but we prefer the berry mixes.) ginger ale, and frozen berries. (Any kind.) Reeeeeeal specific recipe, right?

concentrate and berries
Pour the juice concentrate into a pitcher. Microwave the berries for a minute, just to get them to defrost a bit, so they’re mush-able. Pour about a cup or so of berries into the juice concentrate and muddle them together with a wooden spoon. (If you go with frozen strawberries, you’ll need to muddle them a bit longer, you don’t want any giant chunks in there.)
Muddle, baby, muddle! It’s so easy, a child could do it!
 with a cookie
Although she may need a cookie to get her through it. Cookies build stamina, didn’t you know?
add ginger ale
Pour in the ginger ale, in place of the water, as per the directions on the can. Usually 3 cans worth. Yum, yum, YUM! Serve this at your next party, everyone will want the recipe and then they won’t believe you when you tell them how easy it is!


Carol said...

I don't know what looks yummier, the cake or the cupcake girl! Give her a kiss from grandma, she's probably sweeter than the cake!

Simply Life said...

wow, that looks so good and adorable pictures!

Jen said...

Okay, I am loving the punch recipe. I used to make a similar punch as a kid, it was my job, without the muddled berries. The muddled berries are brilliant. Your big girl cutie is just that a cutie.

And, don't you LOVE those aqua wicker chairs?! You can find something similar in Maine and then just paint them. You must! Go now! Search and then Show! I want to go to the antique stores with you !

Jennie said...

LOL, go now! It's 8pm! But I will follow your instructions and head out first thing tomorrow morning ;) I still have to find some decent thrift stores, I know there have to be some hiding out here! I'm a little nervous about going antiquing, only because it's a touristy area and I'm afraid prices will reflect that. But I will get my hands on them somehow and paint them up! I can picture them in my sunroom already!!!